8/22/19 Menstrual Charting Workshop with Elizabeth Gross

8/22/19 Menstrual Charting Workshop with Elizabeth Gross

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Menstrual cycle charting, also known as “the fertility awareness method” or "natural birth control", is a practice to understand how the body changes throughout the menstrual cycle. The many benefits of charting include increased body awareness, clarity about what daily practices can promote hormonal health, as well as awareness about when one is fertile and one is not. An informed charting practice supports a vast array of physical, energetic, mental and emotional needs related to “do it yourself” holistic pelvic healthcare.

During this workshop, you will learn:

-How to chart your menstrual cycle without or alongside fertility apps

-How to create conditions for long term effective charting

-Practical steps to chart your cycle for natural birth control support

-Troubleshooting and tips for accurate menstrual cycle charting

-What happens in the body during various menstrual cycle stages

-Herbs for supporting hormonal shifts and reproductive system health concerns

*Each participant will go home with a starter menstrual cycle chart. Please bring a notebook you'd like to begin your charting in and a pen you love to write with!

This event is meant to provide a safe space to all interested in learning about holistic pelvic healthcare practices for themselves and their loved ones.

About Elizabeth Gross

Elizabeth graduated with a major in Women, Gender and Sexuality studies from SUNY New Paltz in 2010, and completed her training in Traditional Thai Medicine and Integrative Western Herbalism at the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine in 2015. Since then, Elizabeth has worked as a community health educator and practitioner specializing in women’s health. Elizabeth applies her training in somatic movement therapy, western herbalism, and western healthcare past and modern culture to a majority of her work. Elizabeth aspires to promote access of holistic healthcare options to folks across a vast spectrum of experience with a trauma informed approach.

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August 22nd 6:30-8:30PM

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