7/18/19 Finding your Visual Language With Emily Ritz

7/18/19 Finding your Visual Language With Emily Ritz

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Do you want to make art but feel insecure or incapable? The Lumpland method for finding your own visual language can help. Emily Ritz, the artist behind Lumpland has created several techniques to make her creative process involve less thinking and more bliss. Overthinking can get in the way of creation. The truth is you don't need any qualifications to be an artist. It's time to get out of your own way and come discover a meditative and freeing approach to art making in a safe, encouraging space. Emily will guide the group in drawing on paper. All materials will be provided.

Inspired by coral reefs and lush forests, Emily Ritz uses drawing, painting, sculpture and embroidery to bring her unique vision of beauty to life. Everything she creates is done completely by hand and no two pieces are alike. Her love of repetition is quite apparent in the hyper detailed patterns that grow over each piece. After living in Northern California for nine years, her work is very much infused with the colors and textures of the West Coast. Since her move back home to upstate New York, Emily has begun making ceramics causing her visual language continues to expand. She dives even deeper into her imagined world of natural beauty making murals, figurative work and she even published a coloring book. Emily uses the word Lumpland as a descriptive and playful way to name her creations and the world in which they exist. 

Thursday July 18th 6:30-8:30

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