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Herbs and Mental Wellness

Every day, more people are seeking help outside the western medical model. Beyond the dominant "this for that" pharmaceutical paradigm lies plant medicine, which aims to support the whole self: mind, body, and spirit. Herbal medicines are vital forces that, when used intentionally, engage the plant kingdom, which offers to help us heal and evolve. 

Much of the way we feel emotionally lies in the beliefs we hold about ourselves and our world, including the many norms and assumptions built into our culture and reinforced by our medical system. Expanding one's consciousness to consider a different, integrative approach to healing is itself part of the medicine. 

In this class, we will cover ancient and indigenous plant wisdom, the key differences between allopathic and holistic medicine, system and organ patterns of disharmony that can lead to emotional disease, and herbs and foods that support optimal mental and emotional health.


Heidi Smith, Herbalist

Heidi Smith, Herbalist

Heidi is a registered herbalist, therapist, and flower essence practitioner. She holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling, is accredited by the American Herbalist Guild, and has studied energy work and flower essences under several teachers.  Her practice blends psycho-spiritual therapy, flower essences, and herbal medicine to address the multifaceted aspects of disease, with an emphasis on mental and emotional wellness. Heidi is passionate about engaging both the spiritual and scientific dimensions of the plant kingdom, and sees herbal medicine as a radical way to promote ecological and social justice. She regularly teaches classes, and sees clients in New York City, Brooklyn, and remotely. You can read more about her practice at


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